TrustMark and Referenceline


Moran Roofing was founded in 1983 because I wanted to continue the trade introduced to me by my grandfather. He taught me how to provide highly experienced and reliable roofing contracts. Over the years, Moran Roofing has built up a long list of happy and satisfied customers, who frequently recommend our service to others.

We have been members of both TrustMark and Referenceline since the very beginning, so it is great to see both these organisations working together to show customers great workmanship. It is our belief that TrustMark is a great starting point for building a trusting relationships with customers.

It is a fact that trust is earned over time. Customers put their faith in us and expect a high standard of work and service, and payment is received upon completion of our work. To assure new clients of our expertise, I often show them images of previous works and feedback from previous jobs.

I have known Mark from Referenceline for many years and think he has developed a great product. It provides a much more stringent way of posting reviews than many companies that have their own in-house system of gathering reviews. For example, it allows me to verify when a customer posts a review that they are a genuine customer of mine, so I don’t need to worry about competitors pretending to be customers and giving me poor ratings in an attempt to discredit my business.

Personally, I think the fact that TrustMark’s review process is now powered by Referenceline adds a lot of value. Lots of people want to know what goes into getting a review on the web, as it can be easy for firms to post fake reviews. This system goes a long way to eliminate that worry and prove to potential customers that the feedback they are seeing can be trusted.

Moran Roofing has a rating of 9.3 on the TrustMark website, which is more than satisfactory as it is almost unheard of for a business to score 10/10, and often doesn’t ring true. Our rating tells an honest story, and, while everyone’s not always completely happy, I think if you read the reviews, they give you a fair answer to any concerns you might have. Indeed, we are not the cheapest out there, but we execute quality work, which demands a higher price! Overall, clients express satisfaction for our work – even claiming our services offer extremely good value for money for the high standard given.

If you would like to find a TrustMark accredited firm in your area visit: www.trustmark.org.uk